Referee Information



There are 2 basic levels of referees, Small Sided Game(SSG) referees and Full Sided Game referees.

SSG Referees - certified to officiate 7v7 soccer games - within FEDS this is limited to U9 and U10 travel games and U11 and U12 House League games.  Generally Small Sided soccer is easier to referee in that there are less rules to administer.  Generally we are trying to limit the pool of SSG referees to ensure that these referees have enough local matches to develop realizing that not everyone has the want/ability to travel outside of Fergus/Elora to officiate games.  For those referees that are willing to travel outside the immediate community, we support accepting additional matches. To be a SSG referee requires taking the SSG referee course.  FEDS subsidizes this course based on our need for referees.

Full Sides Referees - certified to officiate 9v9 and 11v11 soccer games (either as a referee or assistant referee)  - within FEDS this involves U14, U17 and Mens House League and U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 and Mens Travel games.  Assignments are based on both referee availability and referee experience.  SSG referees may chose to graduate to this level of refereeing by taking the Entry Level referee course.  Generally we need to attract new Full Sided referees each year to address referee turnover, retirement.  Full Sided Referees have the opportunity to officiate within other clubs depending on their ability to travel and their level of experience.

Referee Resource - please follow this link to various links commonly used referees.